My arrow keys are broken, can I rebind them outside of the game?

I’ve recently been told to play this game and was wondering if I could rebind the movement keys from the arrow keys to WASD. I play on a mac and the keys have just broke. Thanks for any help in advance!

Third party software maybe? Or go to a hardware store and pick up a cheap keyboard for ten dollars

Edit: If you end up using macros or anything, check with mods to see if its okay with them, that might be against the rules here idk

I don’t use a mac so it might be different but I don’t think it is. When you start up Pokemon Insurgence, click enter on the title screen. Scroll down and you should find “controls” and then click enter on the control you want to change and then press the button you want to have replace that.

EXAMPLE: If you want to change your “right” from your right arrow key to D, then press enter on right and click D.

To save your new controls just click your cancel/menu button and it should ask you if you want to save the changes you made.

EDIT: I just realized that your arrow keys are broken and you would need those…

He’s really going to need a working keyboard to play this game. you can get them for very cheap though…

You can pull up a on screen keyboard and then use the arrows on there just to navigate the menus and then change the controls in-game.

For info on how to do that here

So, I tried to change my controls to wasd instead and it won’t let me save until I’ve filled every section or changed every control that says “none”, And if I do that, it completely messes up my game, I can’t even go up to load my game, the arrow keys stop working. What should I do?