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My 1 year anniversary on the forums celebration!

SO, if you were here a while ago, you would remember I did a Deltalocke. That was when doing challenges was popular because of @PeterHolmes74. I abandoned that run midway because of reasons.

BUT TODAY’S THE DAY!!! I will finally restart it, and finish it this time. And since this is my one year anniversary on the forums, I’ll add some twists here and there. So, I’m up for suggestions. Lmk what I should do to make it harder.

(Btw, the old one had the most posts on a topic for a while. Let’s try to do that again eh? If you want the old post, it is here.)

Alright. So far, here are the rules.

  1. I can only catch the first delta on each route (I can skip encounters if I want sometimes.)
  2. If a pokemon faints, I’ll have to box it, and never touch it again.
  3. I have to name all my mons with the usernames of people here like @PeterHolmes74 @Derpysaga @GiaPeNiw and others.
  4. I will have to kill a mon on purpose after every gym to make it harder, but I’ll give you guys the choice on who to kill.
  5. If I lose the challenge at any point, and I have mons in my box, I’ll give over the save to someone who has the time to continue the challenge because that’s cooler.
  6. Every badge, you guys choose a random challenge that I have chosen.

That’s all, and I’ll see ya guys here!


I’ll put in a suggestion…

A Deltashinylocke

9 views…yet no responses. Guys come on. Been 2 hours. Someone respond with somethin…

Because this whole thing is about YOU guys. As a COMMUNITY.

Shinydeltamonolocke xd

In the end, I don’t care which you do. But why name them after Forums users?

deltamonolocke, where you can only use deltas of one type

Also, what about shinydeltamonoquadrupleonlypumons challenge

Cause it’s my 1 year anniversary and I wanna make it so that the people who got me here are forever idolized as part of my life.

Go ■■■■ yourself

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Hard on randomizer to get. I wanna make it hard, not time consuming.

Alrighty…well…here goes nothing Ig.

Not gonna add any rules rn. After the first gym…we’ll think about it.

Also, since I’m tb’ed anyway, I’ma speed my game up times 7.

Alright. Started a new save, and loaded dark mode up.

Can’t honor my legacy without naming myself Fire.

Also, real sorry for the pic quality. It’ll be like this the entire run because I can’t use insurgence on my pc because of the firewall that my dad controls.

@GiaPeNiw, you here mate? Feels like I’m talking to myself lol

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have a team filled with one mon only

YAY! Indian’s here to give me company!