Music in buildings

I was wondering why the delay in the music loop in buildings is so long. It’s in general buildings and pokemon centers. The music ends it it’s a full 2 seconds before it starts again, leaving an uncomfortable silence.

That is because many of the music files in Audio/BGM end on several seconds of silence. I’m not sure if it’s all of them but all 8 that I looked at did. It’s just not as noticeable when the loop is ~2min long.

My guess as for why is that the devs have some issue with exporting audio.

It wasn’t an “issue” persay, more of a formatting thing that is limited because of mac. See, the original files were in .midi, which works fine for a PC, but macs cant read them at all. The only way we could find to have working audio for BOTH versions that wasnt compressed to complete garbage but still had small file sizes was to use .OGG, which is what is causing the extra delay in the loop. .WAV originally would work too but even when compressed it is a VERY big file format so the game would’ve been 2x the size as is just for music.

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does mac somehow expect fixed lengths or what? Cause I tried cutting a few seconds off of Mom_Theme.ogg with audacity. That made the loop in buildings shorter and the silence disappeared. (didn’t loop very well cause I did a rush job, but you get my point…)

It works on my pc (win8.1) but please try it yourself: