Multiple saves

So you can make multiple saved files on this game? How is that done exactly? Can i trade between the two saves? and lastly, say I want delta trevenant so I get him in egglocke mode, can i trade him to my main game from the egglocked save?

  1. Yes, select "Save Files" from the main menu when you first open the game.
  2. Yes and no, you can't directly trade between save files, however you can trade a pokemon to another person online and then have them trade it back to you on the other save. (Discord is the best place to go if you need help with this)
  3. No, on Egglocke, Nuzlocke(you can trade in nuzlocke), and Randomized challenges, you can not do online trading. You can trade in other challenges, however.

Thanks! I made an egglocke figured id try it and got delta wooper first pick!

you can’t bring those onto your main game. it is locked, most challenge runs are locked, and you can’t trade.