Multiple errors - Arrow Keys, Scene_Map error

Hi, I’ve got a problem and I’m hoping someone can help. I just heard about this game for the first time and wanted to try it, but frustratingly, there’s been big errors.

At first, the arrow keys didn’t work in the game for me. I would hit down in an attempt to look at the controls or select the dark story option, but it wouldn’t work.

Now, the game won’t even start - I get the following error:

Script ‘Scene_Map’ line 221: NoMethodError occurred.
undefined method ‘pokegear’ for nil:NilClass

Then the game closes. It happens whenever I try to start a new game (I was going to just select traditional and see if the arrow keys worked in the actual game).

I’m not computer smart - I just use this thing to watch youtube, buy stuff, and occassionally play ROMs and fan made games and rom hacks. I have no clue what to do about this. Help?

EDIT: Nevermind, found the post from antonym116, helped a ton and fixed both issues. I can’t seem to delete this post though…I’m not really a forum kind of guy. Sorry everyone!

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