Move Tutors


I noticed some usefull move tutors while playing through the game. But now I can´t really remember their locations. Do you guys remember their locations and their respective moves?

An old woman in Helios City will teach your Eevee special moves, a swimmer in maelstrom 9 will teach a couple of water type moves like water pulse, a scientist in the Kepler city workshop will teach some electric and steel type moves such as zap cannon, a man right at the entrance of the Dragon Ruins will teach dragon moves, at the exit of the rezzai dessert cave there is a man who will teach ground and rock type moves like roll out, and those are just a couple that I can think of off the top of my head.

Thanks. Do you by any chance remember the Hyper Voice Tutors location?

Hyper Voice tutor can be found in Sonata City. The kid in the house closest to the Gym.