Move relearner and Heartscales pokemon location

For the next update, I would suggest to Increase Luvdisc encounter frequency in Midna mines( good rod fishing rate is 20%), or add a Luvdisc area. I know heart scales are also obtainable by rock smashing, but heart scales could be made more available if the pokemon can be caught and released reliably. Also , shouldnt there be a move relearner in a city house/ not just in the trainers base? There are move deleters and renamers at every pokemon centre basement( Please dont remove- LOL).

Ive tested catching luvdiscs in available locations- Went to a online friend safari and caught 8 luvdisc, Zero heart scale!! went to midna mine and fished, got 1 heart scale out of 3 caught luvdisc. Please make Heart scales on all Luvdisc encounters.

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Pokemon in Friend Safari’s can’t hold items.

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If you just guarantee heart scales, there goes the grind of the game. Just go to town for an hour or so in Midna mine with a Frisk + Thief pokemon, stock up, and you’re good to go.

@TYbeaniebabies, cool I ll check my caught banettes ability or frisk poke hunting. Although i do remember a difficulty romhack (Stormsilver) that gaurenteed heartscales. Frisk ability will definitely help as random heartscale hunting is as affective as random loot drop from rocksmashing.

Compoundeyes also increase the chances of getting heart scales.

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Anyone found an itemfinder in Insurgence? Heartscales were hidden items too i guess

@IcyWarlock, thanks related to your comment heres the best Insurgence Item farming guide found on another site. never mind it was a Archived insurgence reddit redirected site, the reddit comments are useful( breed a 3 in 1 hunting pokemon).