Move re-learner? Signature moves?

Is there a move re-learner in the game?
Also, why don’t some legendary Pokémon have their signature moves, like Hoopa and hyperspace hole and hyperspace fury?Meloetta and relic song?

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Hoopa learns Hyperspace Hole and Hyperspace Fury at level 1 and level 85 and Meloetta learns Relic Song via the event Move Tutor in Alpha Temple.

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no, there is a move delete. The relearner is from the secret base

Thanks for the relic song, but Hoopa is encountered at lvl 90…

Just use move relearner, you can hire him using tablet in your secret base.


You’re right. I was thinking the Move Deleter and Name Rater.

Any signature moves that are event exclusive can be learned by visiting an old man in No Man’s Land in the post game, just to point out. This includes V-Create, Dragon Ascent and moves pokemon can’t normally obtain.

The move re-learner is a Secret Base exclusive.