Motion sickness while playing


I’ve been on a pokemon kick recently, and looking to what fangames people recommend, and my latest go is with Insurgence. Unfortunately, over the past two days, I notice that after about an hour of playing, I start to get an intense headache, and start to feel motion sickness. Best I can tell, it’s because the textures skip or stutter just a little whenever I move, which creates a subtle but very annoying effect visually. I play on the largest size due to my poor vision, so I don’t know if that’s relevant, but it might be.

Gameplay wise, there is no lag, smooth gameplay is turned on, and no other games I play have issues on my PC.

Any advice, or do I just need to skip this game unfortunately?

Trying to keep this post alive because I am all for accessibility features, and I think this is one of the ones that might actually need developer input, not just fellow fans. Mods, if this is something I shouldn’t do (revive old topics), please let me know.