Most Frequently Used Typing in the game

I’m in the midst of training for the 2nd gym. Something I was wondering while I was training up is, “what is the most frequently used type through out the game?” Idk, maybe it’s me, but it feels like no matter how I have my team lined up; the opponent pokemon just happen to have that exact type or moveset to shut my team down. Anyone else notice a trend? I don’t mind spoilers. Not my first play through, but haven’t made it very far any of my times lol


I think there were weirdly a lot of fairy, ghost, and fire types throughout the game, although I havent played in a while

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Also consider one battle in an inverted one. Weaknesses become resistances and vice versa. Most people says this is really hard, but Delta Gardevoir destroy 5/6 Pokémon from this fight.

yes, literally all the pokemon want me dead and its in easy mode its probably because my team is mostly dark dragon types so yea

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You know it’s funny you mention the difficulty level. My game started off on easy mode, but somehow between start of the game and vipik city gym; it randomly switched to normal where I was being destroyed by half of his team. Shuckles hold berry juice and his defense were obnoxious, mega beedrill was koing my entire team with drill run even if it was super effective, and I couldn’t get a single move against tentacruel. It was insain!

Man, you don’t even know how difficult it was on Hard mode on a No Faint Challenge. I had to use Double Team Emolga in order to win.

My heart goes out to all the nuzlock players for this game. Mainstream games I get, but versions like this, they are a serious challenge (I think) even on easy mode

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Agree. I never tried Nuzlocke before, but is seems insane. I can, however, conclude my no faint is harder. Instead of having a “dead” Pokémon, I have to reset the game to my previous save file.