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More moves that replace strength

In my opinion there should be a very good amount of moves that replace HMs, at least enough for a team with solid coverage and good power moves to almost always have one for each move. However, I find that there are not a good amount of good moves that replace strength, the main 2 being steamroller and psychic, and steamroller is very rare for pokemon to get. Moves like zen headbutt, punching moves, and kicking moves, would add more variety for strength replacements, obviously there are more potential moves than that but those are just a few quick examples I came up with that would make sense. And I can imagine that there are enough moves with forward momentum attached to them that if someone spent maybe 10 minutes looking at Bulbapedia’s move list and deciding which ones could replace strength, it would work well. Thanks!

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I agree with the general premise of this suggestion. I like the current list of moves that achieve this effect (i.e. I wouldn’t remove any), but I think a handful more thematically appropriate moves could afford to be added to it. I did observe that, for the non-Normal types represented in the replacement moves, each only has one move assigned. I’m unsure whether this is intentional or not, but I have a few move suggestions that do double up on existing types. Anyhow, short list of particularly noteworthy absences below:

  • Rollout (given that Steamroller is here, this also feels in order)
  • Telekinesis (exceedingly niche move, but certainly makes a lot of sense here for the same reason that Psychic does)
  • Iron Head & Zen Headbutt (very similar moves conceptually and mechanically to Headbutt)
  • Wood Hammer (same logic as the various full-body slamming moves)
  • Superpower (Strength is basically in the name, yo!)

P.S. I chose to necro this thread as opposed to creating a new one as it is effectively the same sentiment, though I should note that I just started playing about a month back (crikey, this game is awesome), so I don’t know if the Strength replacement move list has expanded since the original post.