More Armored Pokemon Designs

I’ll cut to the chase. Anastasia needs more armors to sell. Her shop is remarkably barren, and I think armor is a great opportunity to give a chance to some Pokemon not currently in the meta.

And so… I kind of went overboard in designing… a whole lot. Without further ado, here we go.
Armored Empoleon Big Version
Empoleon’s well-dressed for battle, as always.
Armored Slaking Big version
We designed a full suit of armor for Slaking, but he only put half of it on and then fell asleep. Still functional, though. (And now edited to have actual shading!)
Armored Electivire Big Version
I introduce to you: Super Electivire! Ready to Thunder Punch people in the face and do generally unheroic things!
… God help us all.
Armored Alakazam Big Version
“Straps? What a joke. Learn to hold your armor up with your telekinetic mind powers, then we’ll talk.” -Armored Alakazam('s trainer, probably)
Armored Dedenne Big Version
I actually tried something different with this one. All of the in-game armor tends to go with different armor motifs (Medieval Europe for Zekrom, Samurai for Leavanny, etc.). For this Dedenne, I tried to replicate ancient Egyptian armor. It feels a bit different from the others, but at least it’s made from gold, not steel. Dedenne’s Fairy side is safe!
Armored Delta Ambipom Big Version
If Delta Volcorona has armor, Why can’t Delta Ambipom? This one seems like it really fits with the Cult of Perfection’s aesthetic, don’t you think?
Armored Heracross Big Version
And here we have Heracross, with a bit of an American football vibe about him. He’s totally ready to Mega Horn someone into submission (with +1 horn)!
Armored Arcanine Big Version
This big Arcanine pupper radiates pure power and will burn away the competition! But mostly she just wants pets.
Armored Walrein Big Version
This Walrein has an ice-cold attitude and an outfit to match it. Chill out, dude!
Armored Delta Sunflora Big Version
And this armor for Delta Sunflora I made not because I thought it would look cool, but because this Pokemon desperately needs the defense boost. Maybe she’ll even be able to survive a single Earthquake now! Not likely, but… y’know…
Armored Gigalith Big Version
Gigalith already seems pretty sturdy, right? Well now it looks like it could derail a full-speed train just by standing on the tracks.
Armored Delphox Big Version
Beauty, grace, and fighting for peace is what this Delphox stands for.
Armored Meganium Big Version
And Meganium wears their armor with pride and joy! They are ready to outgrow the competition as the third starter to receive an armored makeover! (And totally didn’t have the first design for this deleted when my computer forcefully restarted.)
Armored Druddigon Big Version
Now we have our latest addition: Armored Druddigon! He’s wearing a scrappy, junker-style armor to help with that rough skin of his.
Thanks for reading! Please leave your thoughts below and tell me which one’s your favorite. I will probably be opening up an armor request thread soon, too, so look forward to that!


They look really good!

Thank you so very much!

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The only two that I don’t like are Slakings and Walrein. Walrein’s just doesn’t look like it fit’s him, like it’s too long. Slaking’s looks a bit bland. There is no shading. It just doesn’t look natural when the rest of his body is shaded. Those are the only ones I would change.

Totally noted! A few of these could still use some edits, such as the fire pipes on Arcanine not standing out enough, but I was sitting on these images for too long. I needed to put them out somewhere! I will continue working on them, though.

I hope they go well. Can’t wait to see the final designs and more designs if you make more.

Thanks! And I’ve now updated Slaking.

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Hey, could you do an armored Manectric please?

Epic pls make armored Greninja and ash greninja pls it is my favorite pokemon and I hope u will make it epic

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Please , avoid necro-ing posts in the future. Instead of necro-ing, pm the original creator instead, but I kinda doubt they will reply, since they havent been online for a while now.

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Thank you for your concern but don’t worry. I’m here. :wink:


Hi U are finally here so now can u make greninja and ash greninja

I will love to use it my game
I will give u credit obviously

Kinda weird question but could use the armored ambipom in insurgence? I kinda wanna replace the original shiny sprite with this lol

Also are you making backsprites?

Hi there! You definitely have my permission to do that. I might whip up a backsprite for that, just for you. :joy:

Really? wow thanks! looking forward to the backsprite

Thank U I will add them as soon as u make backsprite :smiley:

can i also use the backsprite in my game whenever you make it?