Moody Smeargle

Hi guys1

How do i find a moody smeargle? I tried the friend safari, but they player who should have smeargle as it says in the friend safari list, doesnt have it.

I tried to trade my Stunky for a Smeargle in Helios City, but after 20 times trying it never got moody, so maybe i cant get it from there…

thanks for the help!

moody is its hidden ability, which means unless youre in the post game and have dream mist, you need friend safari. gnarlyskrub 's friend safari has smeargle incase youre wondering

thanks for your answer!

i tried it out, but i would need a friend safari where the smeargle is on slot one, because i only have 2 badges

any chance you know a friend safari like that?

Unfortunately, smeargle cannot be found in any slot one friend safari. It is a slot 2 mon so you need to beat the 6th gym in order to get access to a smeargle in the friend safari.

as aj said, you need six badges for slot 2. you could make a trade post post for one tho

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