Monotype run

I am planning to do a monotype run and I would like to know the worst type to use and also the best type please tell me.

worst ice just look at this
best probably dragon because of its resistances but you will struggle against fairy types

Ice is actually one of the better types due to how good some of the pokemon are. For example the two Route 3 Ice Deltas, Ralts and Scyther can become 2 of the best mons in the game. One of the best is probably Dark. You get access to Spiritomb, D. Roserade, Greninja, and many other great mons. Ghost is another top contender.

So I was just scrolling through the wiki and I caught my eyes into something I could not believe. It was that the bug type was the type was the weakest type there is. I tried to beat Xavier 52 times before I won against his bug team! Then I was wondering whether I should use a bug team. I don’t know maybe you guys can give me your opinion about bug types.

Bug types are actually faaaar too underrated. If you know how to use the proper sets on proper mons, bug types will sweep you before you know it. Just ask aDrive. He’ll know lmao

Just watched aDrive and I guess am doing an insurgence buglocke.

but their original counterparts are better than deltas

For Scyther and Ralts? No way, the Deltas are much better than the originals due to the offensive typing and abilities.

gardevoir + gallade
you are getting one shot if hit by a physical neutral move by a pokemon with good attack
0+ Atk Hippowdon Earthquake vs. 0 HP / 0 Def Delta Gallade: 326-386 (117.6 - 139.3%) – guaranteed OHKO
0 SpA Hydreigon Draco Meteor vs. 0 HP / 0 SpD Delta Gardevoir: 151-178 (54.5 - 64.2%) – guaranteed 2HKO
they cant sweep if they get outsped by a physical attacker
when it comes to megas
gardevoir has the same problems as before but its a bit faster so it wont be that easy to outspeed other sweepers have the ability to take a couple of hits before they go down for example mega gyarados
gallade good speed great attack +30 defense doesnt matter with such a terrible defensive typing and low hp
0+ Atk Hippowdon Earthquake vs. 0 HP / 0 Def Delta Gallade-Mega: 272-324 (98.1 - 116.9%) – guaranteed 2HKO
it has good sweeping potential because electric/ice is a good offensive stab combination but ice punch and wild charge arent as strong as a flamethrower icicle crash has the drawback of being 90% accurate for only 10bp increase
both mons have shit abilites except gardevoir’s snow cloak which is cheesy but can turn battle around but it’s not consistent

scyther + scizor
i dont want to write a poem here so basically scizor poor defensive typing so you are forced to use ice shard else you will probably die
mega less deth mor povver adapdability even mor povr
scythr bettr than scizr it can be better than mega scizor in certain situations
both have good stab combination

Bro but with proper ev training and items Gallade can ohko hippowodon with ice beam and gardevoir can ohko hydriegon and most of the Pokemon in insurgence are not ev trained. But I don’t know about scyther or scizor. The conclusion is that any Pokemon can be good if used properly.

these were only for the sake of showing their poor defenses
the last part i agree but there are 2 variables that can screw you plan ai and the enemy team

The idea with Ice Mono is to play Hyper Offense. You can set up Screens with the likes of Froslass and then run M. D. Gallade with SD and just win games. Hone Claws Hustle D. Scyther is another great mon, as is Shell Smash Cloyster, Mamoswine, and M. Cryogonal, which gives you a free 20% chip every turn. Ice is kinda busted, especially with Scarf D. Garde being a great revenge killer, Weavile, D. Mismag, D. Noctowl, etc. M. Cryo is especially busted cuz you bring Sub Protect Recover Freeze Dry/Flash Cannon and win games. D. Mismag gets free Choice Specs and nukes every fighting type in existence, Mamoswine is nuts, SD Weavile is a top tier pokemon, and King’s Rock Cloyster can cheese games. The defenses don’t matter when you obliterate everything around you first.

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you could for example do a dark mono team and do basically everything ice types do but dont have such a bad defensive type
mega spiritomb d.roserade d.volcarona d.darmanitan d.blastoise tyranitar with armor
The defenses don’t matter when you obliterate everything around you first.
well basically every type can use this argument

Note how the D. Volcarona is postgame. And types like Grass can’t use this argument so much, as they are forced into a bulkier playstyle, unless they’re running Sun. Many types can run HO, but the best types for it are generally ice, weather teams (water, dark, ground), teams with webs and strong breakers such as rock, and teams who can’t overcome their weaknesses defensively. Psychic is one that can be HO, but also great bulky. Ice specifically is good due to the great offensive tools it has, such as good coverage, priority, Screens(no veil yet), and reliable wincons. Ice is nowhere near the worst this gen, that award probably goes to Rock, with no great tools. In competitive it’s obviously one of the worst, but you don’t even get access to most of its good mons until postgame. (D. Reuniclus, Diancie, Terrakion)

1st d.reuniclus is not post game i used it to beat e4
2nd you say that volcarona is post game and you mentioned d.noctowl m.cryo in your earlier post
i think it started to become an argument not a conversation xd

I offered M. D. Gallade as the main Mega, with Cryo for Postgame. D. Noctowl was not a part of the main mons I mentioned for a playthrough as it’s inherently very gimmicky. OK, I messed up on D. Reun, I confused it with one of the Holon Pyramid mons.

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