Mono type run opition

I feel like one of the formats you can chose from at the beginning of the game should be the option to do a mono run: a play through of the game where all you pokemon consist of one type

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Good idea!

That would be fun. I assume you don’t want to limit it to only your starters type right?

Yeah, I see being able to pick a type at the start of the game and if your starter isn’t that type then you can’t use it

The way I see it, if you select it, the game will ask you what type you want to do and your doing a randomizer nuzlocke, the 3 starters will end up being part of those types and every first encounter will be that type. For normal nuzlockes, if pokemon of that type is in that area, they will appear garenteed and you will revive a random uneolved 3 stage evolution pokemon of that type for your starter.

What it should do is let you catch any pokemon you want, but if it doesn’t correspond with the type of the first pokemon on your team, it’s sent to your PC. This means if you want to change your overall typing, you are able to, and gives the ability to have a type different from the starter types.

Monotypes are very fun! If you want to police yourself you can of course, no need to make the devs include a mode specifically for them. I wrote a guide of sorts on them last year so I could do my own, so use this if you wish.

Other way is selecting Solo Run option at the begining, choose any mon you like that has the desired type for the Mono Run, and quiting Solo Run at the start; then all you need is @Ghostic guide and catch some other mons of the same type :innocent: