Hey I’m new here and I have a suggestion,so I think you should add an event including Missingno. Yeah that’s my suggestion I know it’s a little weird but it could be cool like you need to defeat a super powerful Pokemon (something like mega delta legendary) but in order to do it you need a super powerful and epic Pokemon so you search for something like that then you find a legend about Missingno it says you need to find the missing numbers to summon this pokemon so you go and find the numbers when you find the last one you summon Missingno and you capture it. But I think you shouldn’t be able to catch it with normal pokeballs you need a masterball or a glitchball kinda thing . And stats should be higher than Mewtwo and lower than Arceus and it should have a mega evolution and stats for mega evolution should be higher than mega Mewtwo. Oh and you should change the sprite just a little bit to make it even cooler. I know it’s a stupid idea but I think it could be cool to see this in the game

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In thesuzerains previous games, pokemon zeta and omicron, there was missingno. You can go to Cinnabar Island by mystery gift and Catch it. Its stats were the same as in the original games, but it had the ability Glitch, so any pokemon that makes Contact with it will faint.

EDIT: Here’s a link to the zeta omicron wiki page for it: http://pokemonzetaomicron.wikia.com/wiki/MISSINGNO_(Pokémon)

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Here’s hoping it’s in the game again coz I’d totally run it on my team

It’s stats are literal crap. It has 33 hp, 136 attack, 0 defense, 6 sp attack, 6 sp defense and 29 speed.

It’s only good for its ability. If your opponent is a mono physical attackers you could trade 2 kills for 1 with a focus sash.

It’s Amazing with a focus sash and a switch into it.