Missingno moves?

So I just caught missingno recently, and know it currently only has 2 moves, can you teach it any via tm/hm? I’m currently going to go through the process, but other than that I think it might learn the custom move, but other than that any other moves?

Edit: So after testing them all found it can learn Rest, Captivate,and the custom move. I’ll probably update this after I unlock all the tutors so I can check which moves if any it can learn from them

Missingno isn’t supposed to get anything other than the starter moves (it was originally a glitch after all). I’m assuming that those moves can be taught because they are moves that pretty much every Pokemon learns via that TM.

If that was the case, it’d be able to learn moves like return or frustration, which it can’t. I know cause I tried teaching it every tm/hm in my possession. So I think it must have some kind of movepool, albeit limited. But as stated will list other moves it can learn after I get all the tutors and complete more of the post-game stuff.

Widely-available TMs have different exceptions (for example, Captivate cannot be learned by genderless Pokemon except Mew and Nincada) so it’s possible that the lists are different and one removes Missingno while another does not.

I was actually wrong earlier. Looking at Bulbapedia it learns some TMs depending on the form. Try the TMs listed if you have them.

Thanks for that, but I’ve already tried alot of those and it says it can’t learn them.

Hey I figured out that MissingNo can learn the Achilles heel move with a TM.