Missingno. and other random ideas

Missingno. event missingno. bugs out the PCs for awhile until you track it down.

Parody in good fun about lavender town and white hand creepy pasta.

Mewtwo posing as a human trainer. tricking everyone with psychic suggestion and misdirection. He was a trainer and a geneticist in the movie. Possibilities!

I was amused and nostalgic when I saw missingno. in the graphics folder…

We dislike doing too many references like these in Insurgence, as we are building our own universe with it. For a game that has these kind of things, I recommend our previous game, Pokemon Zeta/Omicron!

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Oh okay thank you for taking the time to look. Zeta/ Omicron I’ll have to look into those.

I’m thrilled by the idea of new/delta pokemon, I probably wasn’t the only one disappointed in the lack of new pokemon introduced in X and Y. This game is unique, I like that.