Missing Moves

I’m not sure if these moves are in Insurgence or not, but when making my Delphox, I noticed that I could not teach it the moves Dazzling Gleam or Trick.

Not sure if there are other missing moves or not.


I just noticed that Hawlucha is missing drain punch and Spiritomb is missing Revenge and Phantom force

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Jirachi is missing Heart Stamp (Ok it´s an Event Move, but still…)

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Just be patient. The game is being worked on and the developers are trying their best to bring us a great game. They will be able to be either HM’s or Move Tutor moves.

Hawlucha doesn’t learn drain punch and Spiritomb doesn’t learn Revenge and Phantom Force.

As Tech said, not all TMs and Move Tutor moves are in the game. They have been confirmed to be out in the final version of the game (hopefully they’ll include some event moves as tutor moves, but thats their choice).

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This is for the sim though :stuck_out_tongue:

In Insurgence Spiritomb can egg move Revenge, and learns both Phantom Force and Knock Off by level up (http://wiki.p-insurgence.com/Spiritomb_(Pokémon) . In the game I have these moves on my 'tomb, just think its fair enough to report that its moveset on the sim is incomplete. Not having a go at the devs or anything, obviously very grateful they’ve made an awesome sim! Just for completeness as I think Spiritomb will be an incredibly important mon in the meta game of Insurgence with Noctem so I hope they can add them whenever they have the chance too!

oh yeah I knew that totally
;-; forums are too hard deuk

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Lol no wonder. I was using the original pokemon learnesets from bulbapedia. :3

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Same, I am very happy that the devs made this sim. <3

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Still? What about now?

whats a forum and how does it whats the word