Missing megastones?

So i’m in the post-game and i have a delta charizard and a delta metagross spider on my team both level 102 and they both have a megastone, but when i want to take it out and put in some other item, the megastone doesnt go to my bag, instead it just dissapears. idk what to do

Also when i went to pick up the latios and latias megastones as well as mewtwo megastones they didnt go to my bag, just noticed this now, are they lost?

Dont they go to your mega stone pocket on your bag or whatever it is called lol

hmm i dont seem to have it lemme just do something real quick

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Either your game glitched, or u just didn’t look in there lol

im just hella blind lmao sorry

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Lmaooo, ur welcome

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