Mini mart- not quite a real shop

Trading Name: nated

Offer: I can breed some commonly wanted pokemon with egg moves. I’m lazy so I won’t do anything too difficult.

Request: 1-2 IV stones for things I have already or one egg move or 5IVs, 2-3 IV stones for 5 IVs and one egg move, and 3-4 for for 2-3 egg moves and 5IVs, depending on difficulty. EV training may be included. Further info: @Elemayo I moved this to get out of sleepys thread some examples: baton pass impish(+defense) or adamant swords dance low kick torchic- speed boost Grass knot ice beam poison spikes timid froakie- protean gyro ball toxic swords dance sassy honedge

aqua jet belly drum huge power adamant azumarill sludge bomb earth power modest stunfisk - static stone edge e-quake toxic fire blast impish gible (tankchomp)- rough skin

Anything on this list is 2 IV stones, or 3 for 5 IV stones. If you don’t mind 3-4 IVs, the price drops to 1 stone. If I breed more, they will be added to the list

is this good enough for you? @Elemayo

Aegislash with Sassy if fine now that I think about it.

When do you think you’ll be able to trade these?

froakie right now. aegislash very soon torchic may take a bit

Sweet! Let me know when you have all 3. It’s 5 IV stones for all 3 right?

I’m normally available after 6pm PST on weekdays.

yup. it was adamant torchic?


the one thing i will say is that baton pass blaziken needs some bulk.

I’m not 100% sure I’m going to be using it as a baton passer. I just figured I get the move so I have the option.

want to trade now? i told you it wouldnt be 5IV. just use the extra iv stone i would charge you on defense

Yeah, we can do now. You still available?

sure. can you get on discord now?

sure, give me a sec

actually please wait 5 minutes sorry

I’m on, don’t have voice chat right now since the wife is watching tv. Which channel should I be in?

give me 5 minutes. in general discussion

@Elemayo im getting on right now. go to discord general discussion and put the 5 stones on 5 random pokemon

I added the easy stuff. anything on that list will be 2 IV stones, or 1 if you dont mind 3-4 IVs same 3 for 5 deal would apply