Milotic please

Trading Name: misterwoman

Offer: idk i just wanna milotic a delta maybe

Request: whaddaya think

Further info:bruh you can get it in freind safari But its in the 3rd slot and im at the 6th gym sooooooo just get a feebas and give it to me for idk anything i can get before the 6th gym

delta milotic? I can trade u a delta feebas for an IV stone?

no i just wanna normal milotic sure ill give u a iv stone

ok im ready

reply once ur online please

sure sry I had a test. It’s ready now, IGN hulaunicorns

now im ready

tell me a time

frick i didn’t get a notification

I am ready now for about 30 mins, and I will be ready again about 15hrs from when I’m sending this.

IM online now

hurry up

You’re not gonna get ppl to hurry up like that lmao.
I’ll get ready, and I’ll lyk when I’m online

ok fine

alrighty, ready and online now

This is kinda stupid question, but is your trade username not ThePotato?

yeah haha it’s hulaunicorns. I said it a while ago so it’s fine if u forgot lol

got it?
Thanks for the stone btw (and nice nickname xD)


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