Miara Town Museum

So I went to play Insurgence again after a while but this time I did a bit of editing to give me pokemons that are usually only able to be obtained from holon wich is too far into the game to make the experience a bit better for me, And currently I am at the Miara Museum,

I noticed there is an entrance fee for the museum (500$). What would happen if you had no money in order to enter the museum? There aren’t any daily battles up to this point as far as I know of, (This could possibly be done by skipping a trainer in the first forest, Lose to him a bunch of times till you have no money left, Defeat him. And get so little money it isn’t enough to enter the museum since its early in the game and you barely get any money). What would happen? Are you just. stuck?

I believe you could just fight trainers via the dexnav and get the money required. Or you could sell some items.

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Press D on keyboard and click the right-most button, then scroll down and select “Youngster Joey” he only has a LV 50 Rattata that knows Tackle, Quick attack and Tail whip, he’ll give 200$ if you win, so just fight him with a Ghost type pokemon to farm small amounts of money