Mew's capture rate

Hi guys!

I’m at the point where you have the chance of capturing Mew. I wasn’t really prepared for it so I saved before, to be able to go and get pokémons that could paralyze it and more ultra balls (I had like 14 in my bag + 3 time balls).
It had few pvs (but definitely more than 1 left), its status wasn’t altered. And I got it with the first Ultra Ball I threw.
I’m on normal difficulty, darker mode adventure. And it took me like 10 ultra balls to get the carbink I captured right before it.
Am I extra lucky and should I try the lottery? :rofl: Or does it have a high capture rate and is not that hard to capture? I was just wondering :slight_smile:

Have a good night (or day, depending on where on the globe you are I guess)

It has a catch rate of 45 (5.9% by default). It’s not too amazingly hard.

you can check those on bulbapedia it might save you a few clicks
just BTW