Mew’s Chosen- custom female trainer outfit

Hi, hello. Older members of the insurgence community might remember me as the person who attempted to make a Nuzlocke comic about my run in the game. Unfortunately, due to burn out and a loss of passion, I likely will never pick that project back up. It was far too ambitious for me at the time, and I’ve since fallen into different interest.

That being said, back when 2.0 first came out, I had made a custom outfit for continuing my nuzlocke file, one that was made to match the redesign of the main character of my comic. I never released this because I wanted her look to be original and unique to me and my story, but since I don’t intend on ever finishing the project, I’ve decided to share it since I guess there’s still interest?


Files can be found here

I will admit to have not touched insurgence in years, and so I have no context about any changes to the game since I last played it. If these don’t work with the current player sprites then that isn’t on me. I’m just dumping my old work here to be rid of it.

The files are also named to replace other clothing files that had been in the game at the time I was using this. I have no idea of those files are still present or what they might end up replacing in the current version of the game, but if you decide to use this, then just be sure to double check which files you are modding and that they work as intended.

And with all of that out of the way, I bid you all farewell.


as someone new to insurgence and enjoying it alot but needing that good clothing, thank you!