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δMew (Boro)

This is part 2 of the reward for the guessers on my hint. This is from Day, who sped over to the forum after Cow figured it out in Discord. He said to make a

So, what I naturally did was Draconify it (Dragonize? Dragonify? Draconize? I don’t know).

So here’s the Dark/Dragon type δMew.

This delta has the ability Parent, which makes it so that all Fairy and Normal type moves don’t affect it. Get it, it’s the genetic parent of all pokémon? Hahahahahahaha… ha… ha …hoo boy I make myself laugh.Well, next up is the shiny version, which is bright yellow (In a good way).

And that’s all folks. I’ll be uploading another delta line tomorrow probably, and then I’ll get back to erratically uploading them based on polls. Boro out!


What no fair this one is actually good

In case you hadn’t noticed, I updated the Thundurus.

I was aware

Aw its a demon. I like it

i likey

It’s the cutest demon I’ve ever seen

I think the term ( for making something a dragon) is "MAKING SOMETHING SO ADDORABLY SCARY THAT IT IS AWSOME

I think the comments summarized it but here I go anyway
A death snuggle that would be so worth it