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Mew any good?

so trying to get modest nature mew.

he any good in the story. not going to use him in the competitive scene but i might want to use in story.

he any good?

yep, getting access to ALL tms is p useful. also adamant, jolly and timid all work cuz it can go physical or special, tho imo special is better cuz special moves are generally more reliable

B pass works rly well imo, since u get cm, bulk up, sd, np, etc plus taunt to stop slower taunt users/walls

I personally would use Mew as a support rather than an attacker. Give it a Calm or Careful Nature focus on HP and special defense, give it Will-O-Wisp, Taunt, then two other moves of your choosing.

competitve, yes you would mostly never use it as an offensive mon. but in-game i dont see any reason not to

cough Kayla cough

eh you could give anything taunt, not necessarily mew