Mew ability glitch

After i went to the Holon region and returned, i found that i can’t use any ability aside from those 3 that are shown in the picture
If anyone knows how to fix this please tell me

Try loosing intentionally to faint all your pokemon.

didn’t work either , and now i’m stuck in the giratina realm forever

Which patch are you on?

i had this glitch in 1.2.2 and updated to 1.2.3 but i’m still stuck

It was a reported bug, the only suggestion I have at this point is to wait for the next public patch to fix it, sorry I couldn’t help you more.

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I just had this glitch too, I walked into the pokemon center and they healed me from the entrance. The coding is probably reading your team as dead and you lost a fight even though you didn’t, so get to a pokemon center however you can, kill all your pokemon ten teleport to the center. Hope it works