Merry Christmas!

I was going to do Stantler, but I felt that was too predictable. So… Snorunt and Glalie.

Delta Snorunt
Type: Grass
The Christmas Tree Pokemon
Pokedex: Merry Christmas

Delta Glalie
Type: Grass
The Holiday Pokemon
Pokedex: Merry Christmas

I really like the Snorunt but I feel that Glalie was a bit lacking.

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Do you mind posting bigger pictures?

umm what about the other evolution…?

I like it and here’s a suggestion for frosslass Sushi In the Jewish religion on Christmas Jews eat a lot of sushi Yes it’s a thing look it up

ok :smiley:

I’m serious it is a thing look it up. Jews spend December twenty fifth chewing and guzzlording on sushi most traditionally, but some Jews eat any Asian food so any type of Asian cuisine you see in the ice ghost type The grass type could be represented by the seaweed wrap