Meloetta tiles?

Can I have the location of the other six? I got the one in Koril and in Misty Island.

Holon mountain, Void Gauntlet, Helios Sewers, Whirl Islands, Nasca town, and Fiery Caverns

Thanks. I’ll get to finishing them once my electricity turns back on. I was finishing Misty Islands told before it shut off but it’ll come back later. Then I’ll get back to catching Pokemon. One Question, there was a Pokemon I think near the Lake in Holon. When I approached it, it ran. Do I have to do something specific to get It?

It’s delta turtwig. It ran off to another part of the lake. It will run around 5 times before being able to be initiated in battle.

It looked like D.Turtwig but I wasn’t sure what it was. Do you know of which specific Deltas are located in Holon? I’ve gotten a few but not all (Like the one that requires Relic Song)

Too much for me to list

Yeah probably sorry. :joy: One last question. Is D. Blaziken or D.Lucario any Good?

I haven’t used either but delta lucario appears promising.

I’m planning on using D.Blaziken in my team because I like having a variety of types. But I haven’t been able to find either or’s M. Stones.