Meloetta puzzle is broken (no, seriously)

I just found the meloetta puzzle in the sewer. it’s not solvable. I’ve used the guide and a number of tools. Each one concludes that the puzzle is unsolvable. This happens regardless of how many times you close or open the puzzle. turns out you can’t just randomize the tiles and expect the puzzle to work.

If we can’t get this puzzle fixed, could we maybe have it replaced with a riddle or something? because right now it’s quite literally broken.

I’m pretty sure it should be solvable 99% of the time, and last I checked they were indeed random.

This is one of the only instances of an unsolvable 15 puzzle. If your puzzle isn’t a format isn’t a mere rotation of this, it will be solvable. Even if they were all set in stone and not random, I’ve done all of them using the official cores, so they must be possible.

As for the idea of replacing them with riddles, I doubt the creators would implement that as they are trying to move on and only fix game breaking bugs blocking progress. These puzzles are all optional.

I must have just gotten really unlucky, getting an unsolvable configuration 4 times in a row.

if that’s the case, at least I can just come back to it later.

Anyway, I thought the puzzles were mandatory for meloetta?

Yeah, but meloetta is not required to “beat the game” and experience the full story. All it really helps you with is to get some items after 80% of the story is done. I guess it also helps you with the dex, but the dex completion bonus really isn’t great unless you’re a shiny hunter.

Even is were just tired of doing these puzzles, you could always ask somebody to trade them to you since they are recognized as normal items and as such, could be held by Pokemon and traded away.

Also you need to Copley the fez to get ufi the Pokémon

I mentioned that. It’s not really needed to get “The full experience” imo, UFI has literally no story or much interesting stuff around it. All the mysterious spire talks about lore wise is the spire’s purpose, creation, and basically nothing else. (Plus in my opinion, it’s not very good at battling. Wonky stats and typing hinders it in my eyes)

Thankfully, the puzzle resets when you back out. Its not a permanent block.