Meloetta Puzzle Cave of Origin bug? HELP!

Heyo, so i decided to take on the puzzle in cave of origin without any other guide than the pre-set image for each puzzle and I figured it out after about 15-20 minutes. I double checked and pressed enter and… nothing happened. I triple checked, quadruple checked every half-section and pressed enter every time. Even tried different buttons like z and shift, then I checked one final time and was absolutely certain it was correct in every place. Enter didn’t work and so I figured maybe I just have to exit to see if it inputs. It did not and completely reset. I’m not too upset about having to do it again but I also don’t want to try again and have no way to input it?

What did I do wrong?! WHAT CAN I DO?? Is it a bug? Has anybody else had this problem?
Either way, I’m really trying to just get relic song…

Was it the one with thin horizontal pieces? There’s two identical ones on the right border, try swapping them. I had the exact same problem


thank you, ill try that!