Meloetta puzzel in holon to hard

im stuck that the last puzzel i need to get meloetta. it s sliding puzzel and im really had at thouse. i can’t find
the salusion. i tryed looking it up but i didn’t understand anything people tolled me. plz help me.


from the puzzel?

yeah, where did you get stuck?

wel the puzzel is a sliding puzzel. im not good at those

uh, well, lemme find the solution link. but to summarize, go for top left corner, then the piece to the right and rotate the corners in. then do the same vertically. it’s easier to show. you can try searching up sliding puzzle solver tho

If you label the pieces
based on where they go u should be fine.

Here’s an example:

are ya sure this one is the same? mine moved difrently

its also difrent everytime is that normal?

This is how far i got. I dunno were do go now.

piece number 9 goes into the corner, the bottom right corner goes to the right of it, then rotate into place. you do both the outer row and column then do the next layer.
Layer 1:
1 2 3 4

Layer 2:
6 7 8

Layer 3:
11 12

Yes, it is.

i did it

thx but i did it already

Cool, congrats!

hope i don’t have to do that again :sweat_smile: