Megastone's Breeding Shop

Trading Name: megastone

Offer: Bred Pokemon

Request: IV stones, Shinys, Rare Items(PP up/Heart Scales, limited time only)

Further Info: Now that I have more experience with breeding, I decided to open up a breeding shop! Here are the prices: •5IV level 1 pokemon with desired nature, ability and up to 2 egg moves: 1 IV stone •5IV level 1 pokemon with desired nature, ability and 3 or 4 egg moves: 2 IV stones

If you have a shiny, I may offer up to 6 pokemon depending on my interest on your shiny

I will offer a 5IV pokemon with unlimited egg moves for 6 heart scales, and 3 pokemon for a PP up. Be mindful though that the Heart Scale deal is limited time only!

I am also open to bargaining, if you would like to bargain for a reasonable price.

Orders may take a couple days to complete, so please be patient!

whould you trade for a thundurus

I have a Venusaurite. Request: Slowbro Nature- Bold Ability- Regenerator Egg moves- Psyshock and Calm Mind

Pinsir Nature- Jolly Ability- Hyper Cutter Egg moves- Quick Attack and Close Combat

Charizard Nature- Adamant Abilty- Blaze Egg moves- Dragon Dance and Outrage

Unless it’s a shiny one, no.

All right, I’ll @ mention you when they’re ready.

what about the salamance

I bred it already, it has Fire Blast/Hydro Pump/Dragon Dance/Dragon Rush and intimidate, which is better for mega salamence. So no.


And since I’m a breeder, any competitive pokemon that you can offer can probably be bred by me.

could you breed another one of those salamances i would trade for one

Well what do you have to offer?

nothing right know other than the salamance and thunderus or some iv stones

She’ll take your iv stones if you have enough

IV stone for Donphan with play rough and heavy slam

All right, I can do that. I’ll @ mention you when it’s finished :slight_smile:

make shure its 5 to 6 IVS and adamant nature to

Megastone may I please have an eevee bred for umbreon, i’ll give a pat on the back

Yeah ill also take a perfect IV shiny Delta Charizard perfect IVs and ill give you a pat on the back to

(JK lol)


oh wait the ivs are not perfect so you wouldn’t want it

yeah ill still take it oh and megastone can i have on of those hodedges you where giving away but you dont have to trade it now ill wait tell my donphan is done