Megas are kinda op on already over popular pokemon

I believe that many pokemon, such as qwilfish, malamar, furfrou, and lumineon are kinda overlooked . While the new mega evolutions are cool, they’re given to some pokemon that are already in the spotlight, for example, starters and the ever popular flygon (I love it too), but I feel like it would be better to give megas to pokemon that AREN’T popular.

There were a lot of megas given to otherwise, frankly, terrible Pokemon, official and not. It’s just that there are so many Pokemon that aren’t as good that you can’t give megas to all of them. Official megas of Pokemon that otherwise suck include Beedrill, Pidgeot, Altaria, Glalie, and Banette. Insurgence-exclusive megas given to Pokemon that otherwise suck include Meganium, Sunflora, Girafarig, Magcargo, and Stunfisk. I think Nintendo and the Insurgence devs did a fine job balancing giving mega evolutions to both normally stronger and weaker Pokemon.

There are also several typically unviable Pokemon, such as Emolga, Plusle/Minun, Heatmor, and Vespiquen, that got Delta formes which are typically better than their regular counterparts.

ok, but i still do want to see a mega qwilfish