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Mega Sudowoodo?

I have been looking at underrated mega pokemon lately and one that strikes me as potentially good I Sudowoodo, but I am not sure yet

Can anyone give me the low down on this mighty twig (or would it be the feeble stick)?

I haven’t used Mega Sudowoodo yet, despite having its Mega Stone, but something that bothers me is that it loses Rock Head. It’s part Grass type when it Mega Evolves but it’s only Grass type move is Wood Hammer, which of course causes recoil damage unless the Pokemon using it has Rock Head or Magic Guard.

true eh, but what about the fact of an analytic boosted STAB stone edge? Maybe M Sudowoodo is not intended to be a seriously strategic sweeper,
Maybe you are just supposed to get in there ad start whacking things with your new and very slow mega evolved tree?

One point though is tat it’s defence and attack are it’s best stats, it has analytic and can learn curse. Is this a connection?