Mega Stones in Randomizers?

Okay. I was going through a randomizer, when I found a wild pokemon with leftovers. And I thought, “Hm… can they hold mega stones?”. So, now I’m curious. Can wild pokemon in randomizers hold mega stones when you find them?

Nope. The randomizer for Insurgence doesn’t work like the ones used for emulators/roms in that only the wild Pokemon and Trainer’s Pokemon are randomized. Held items remain the same.

Oh yes, you absolutely can! I just got a Gyaradosite from a Dusknoir I caught while searching this exact topic. It was lucky for me! I caught about a hundred more but got only one more Haxorite, that’s it. So es, but they are pretty rare though…

please don’t necro post as this was 4 years ago