Mega Stone Trading

Trading Name: TheKillerBee

Offer: Delta Venusourite

Request: Delta Charizardite

Further info:Will also take a shiny or a delta galladeite

Delta Galladite you know thats free right?

I know you said you have a delta charizardite may i trade my venusourite for it (i will trade though for you galladeite

No, sorry

so neither i can trade for

No. Just go get the delta galladite yourself its incredibly easy


Galladite. Go find someone else for delta charizardite

do you have a high leval (stong pokemon) i can have for free to help me complete the game so i can get the delta galladite plz

No I don’t sorry

I can trade you HA jolly garchomp and HA jolly dragonite if you have 2 trash mons

what lv the dragonite and the garchomp sounds good if its above 70 (im not being finike but my team is all lv 60

They’re at 60 but I can train them up to 70 in like 5 minutes

ok do you have a delta chaizardit i would trade a delta venusourite for it

I do have a delta charizardite but I’m keeping it for my own delta charizard

kk ill take the garchomp let me know when its lv 70

Your still my favoriot person

Aww thanks :smiley:

Ok they’re at level 70, ready to trade when you are

ok ill say ready when im ready then you can say go

all right