Mega Stone for Shiftry

I really really need to know where the mega stone for Shiftry is.

For now, that is only a mistery gift. I have a Shiftrite

I am pretty sure it isn’t mystery gift only anymore.

All things that were mystery gift were able to be obtained in game

Dude I don´t remember where I got it and it wasn´t in a mystery gift. I just can´t remember the city =( Sorry Maybe with Tesseract in some place

If my memory served me well, then I think I found it on mt. Rose. Just past the checkpoint on the eastern side of the road you’ll find a Manaphy statue on a very narrow path. Use Heart Swap and you’ll find Shiftrite (and a music wall).

I could be wrong, though. There are so many pokemon and megas in this game that I cannot keep track where I find everything…