Mega Shedinja

Mega Shedinja | Type: Ghost/Dark

Concept: The ghost inside Shedinja breaks out of its shell in Mega Evolution, losing its Bug typing.

Ability: Shadow Guard (like Wonder Guard, but it also prevents any damaging status effects [burn, poison, leech seed, spikes, sandstorm, hail, etc])

Stat changes: Decrease in Def & SDef, High increase in SAtt, Increase in Att & Spe

So he could only be hit by fairy type moves? I’m sorry but that removes the balance in Shedinja (he has quite a few weaknesses ) and would be extremely broken. But the sprite looks cool, maybe you could make the shell in pieces but otherwise I’m a fan of it.

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I just feel like that normally Shedinja is never used in competive battle because 1) his normal weaknesses are extremely commonly used (knock off, stone edge, flamethrower, brave bird just to name a few), 2) the before mentioned damaging status effects are also very common, and 3) his base stat total of 236 is miserablely low (to put that in perspective, Combee [an infamously weak pokemon] has a base stat total of 244).

So replacing his vast number of common weaknesses with just one pretty common weakness, Fairy-type attacks (Moon Blast, Dazzling Gleam, and Play Rough are some pretty good moves) and boosting his base stats (with an increase of 100, that would give him the exact same base stat total as Unown, another infamously weak pokemon) would make him into a pretty good mega.

What about just having him be Ghost typed, then he’d have two weakneses. (ghost and dark)

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Great design but too OP for typing. :slight_smile:

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