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Mega Rampardos

So we were making megas for a fangame. @GiaPeNiw made one, and I gave it some edits. (If you are interested in the fangame, and your name is not @devil or @poke, we could use help! chat me on discord JojoBoss247#6237 and tell me your skillset!)

@GiaPeNiw original:
Mega Rampardos
Rock/ Fighting
Huge Power
264 Atk/60 Def/65 SpAtk/50 SpDef/58 Speed lol

My version:
Mega Rampardos
Rock/ Steel
Slow Power = Gives huge power boosts, but ignores the effect of Trick room, and cancels priority.
1hp/493 Atk/1 Def/1 SpAtk/1 SpDef/1 Speed

One of them sucks on purpose and one of them is OP. Can u guess which is which?


We already know the one that sucks on purpose

Btw my Rampardos is rock /fighting , not rock/steel

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Mega Ramparos became Regigigas in one and the other became a geodude fusioned with mawille

Dunnuo wuit oni is wurost

The worst one is Jojo’s of course , it can literally get one shotted from everything (cough cough @JojoBoss247 cough cough)

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I know it man
i was just joking

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I know, it was pretty obvious anyways lmao

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You know this is all for fun, right?

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u think I don’t know that