Mega Marowak Power-Up Punch Not Working

So when I gave my Marowak Power-Up Punch and mega evolved it, I used the attack and it only increased my damage once. Is this done on purpose or just a bug?

What ability does the marowack have

Parental Bond. It’s the same ability as mega kangaskhan. I’m pretty sure it’s unintentional, so it could be fixed in a future patch.

Arent there abilities anad moves that can suppress the ability? Mummy? Mold breaker?

he could of ran into something that changed his ability

It only raises attack by one stage against other foes without such abilities. This is a bug that has been reported in the past.

I tried searching for mega marowack on the pokemon insurgence wiki but there is nothing for it, so if you know someone who has a mega marowak and could write it let them knowémon)

no i found that just not a mega marowack one, theres nothing

This page has all you need to know about it’s mega. Stats, ability, type-effectiveness, the works. What kind of info is it missing that warrants an entirely new page?

Yeah attempting to code Lernean ended up breaking a lot of the interactions for multi-hit moves as well as moves that hit multiple Pokemon in double battles. Power-Up Punch + Parental Bond’s case is, in all likelihood, an unintended side effect of making sure that moves like Charge Beam wouldn’t activate up to 6 times for Mega Hydreigon.

That makes sense, I do hope it is fixed because if my Marowak was able to double Power Up Punch it would be unstoppable.

I tried it against multiple foes, so it is probably what they said.