Mega Haxorus more real than my visa

so with the few time i am arround here i saw that
1 ) some people doesnt follow the suz twitter
2) there are a bunch of dudes asking god for a mega haxorus
and sooo here it is if you dont believe me just search suz twitter (the suzerain) and by the way this thing has weak armor as ability
76/182/130/80/90/82 (stats)

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I was too late to prevent the worst from happening.

Its typing is also Dragon/Steel.

I remember seeing a post where someone wanted a dragon steel poke with levitate…

Yeah there were at least 2 forum posts within a week about Delta/Mega Haxorus being Dragon/Steel. I thought it was a pretty funny coincidence considering the sprite’s been finished for nearly a year.

This looks a lot like WarHaxorus actually :smile: for those who remember. Weak armor is clearly designed to counter the large speed nerf, so its better than you would think

better??? this thing is broken as hellll to ubers

its gonna be so damn broken

I mean, I see a ton of people complaining about it’s bad ability. That might just bring it down a notch. Also, a very good chunk of Insurgence’s megas are pretty broken.

How is it a bad ability?

It drops your defense and because it’s the gen 6 version, you gain 1 speed rather than 2. If Haxorus is out there long enough it will be pretty feeble if the opponent is faster or has priority.

Mega Haxorus has 130 base defense, a SD/DD plus the boost from weak armor can make it very lethal in one turn