Mega Flygon (Analysed ep.28)

“I once lived in a world where none heard my voice, now when my voice becomes free, the world itself will shatter”

Hi guys, girls, sand/bug dragon and everything in-between! I admit it! I thought this Pokémon was too powerful like Mega Bisharp before! I just had to accept the nerf the Dev gave them were rude enough to make them OU material, and not minor Uber material. Nevertheless, Mega Flygon is probably as good as there are religious cult stating that Flygon is the best Pokémon. Which is a lot.

Be warned, since there is no competitive usage stats avaliable, I do not have any reliable ways to accurately predict the metagame. This analysis is theoretical and does not entirely reflect a Pokémon’s viability.

Typing, Stats, Ability & Movepool

Bug/Dragon (Ground/Dragon before Mega)
Ability: Amplifier (Levitate)
Hp: 80
Atk: 110 (100)
Def: 90 (80)
SpA: 140 (120)
SpD: 80
Spe: 120 (100)

Fundact, it is the only Pokémon who changes its primary typing by mega evolution. It is also the only Mega Evolution I can think of being used by more than one trainer, these trainers being the champion and Nora.

High speed, higher special attack and access to very powerful sound based moves makes it a Pokémon that render my dear Mega Gardevoir almost obsolete (mostly because of the speed tier). While Mega Flygon doesn’t have that ability to destroy nearly any defensive Pokémon around, Flygon has a very good matchup against many offensive teams. Its speed their is just amazing. 100 and 110 is a very crowed speed tier in Pokémon Insurgence and having the jump on them is extremely good. Pokémon like Latios, Gengar, Mega (Delta) Charizard, Mega Gardevoir and Keldeo all get outspeed and severally damaged or outright OHKO.

Ironically, only one of its STAB is relevant: Drakon Voice. Well, U-Turn can be counted too but is more a utility move. Mega Flygon technically deals more damage with Boomburst than with Bug Buzz so it won’t really use its offensive Bug STAB that much, unless there are specific Dark or Psychic types you want to hit really bad. Coverage against steel types and a pivoting option is mostly preferred. Flygon’s movepool is surprisingly good, with access to Defog, Fire Blast, Ancient Roar, Roost and Earth Power. Limited, but quite effective. This unfortunately makes Mega Flygon unidimensional.

Flygon’s biggest weakness is probably its change unpon Mega Evolving. Ground/Dragon is a wonderfull typing as proven by Garchomp, giving a resistances to all entry hazards. Plus, Levitate gives immunity to grounded hazards in Toxic Spikes, Spikes, Livewire and Permafrost. Problem is, the loss of Levitate makes it vulnerable to Spikes, Livewire, Permafrost and T-Spikes, but more importantly, Loosing Ground type in favour of Bug give Mega Flygon a Stealth Rock weakness and Molten Rock neutrality. However, please do not underestimate an ability that boost damages that goes through substitute.

Sets Suggestions

Special Wallbreaker

Flygon-Mega @ Flygonite
Ability: Amplifier
EVs: 4 Def / 252 SpA / 252 Spe
Timid Nature
-Drakon Voice
-Earth Power / Fire Blast
-U-turn / Ancient Roar

This is a standard set, what I first thought when looking at the Pokémon. Drakon Voice is the main STAB, having a good neutral coverage, receiving both STAB and Amplifier boost. Boomburst is a generally overpowered move that receive the Amplifier boost and have a good neutral coverage overall. Earth Power get rid of specially defensive Heatran and few other Steel types. Fire Blast can be used to hit Delta Vespiqueen and Ferrothorn harder. While U-Turn is preferred to keep momentum against Mega Milotic, Ancient Roar can be used alongside Earth Power to have an Edge-Quake offensive combo. You get, however, completely walled by Ferrothorn.

Other options

Bug Buzz can be used to get rid of UFI better, but UFI mostly run physical defence and Bug doesn’t have an good enough coverage compared to Boomburst to find itself in Flygon’s moveslot. Defog can be used on more offensive teams that cannot afford it anywhere else, but at the cost of valuable coverage or pivot.

Good Teammates

  • Defog/Rapid Spin users are good options because Flygon loose its resilience to hazards when Mega Evolving.
  • Choice Band Ruingross put heavy pressure on the opponent’s team whereas Mega Flygon has a good matchup against offensive teams.They also both heaviliy pressure Ferrothorn.
  • Rotom-W can check most Gale Wing users such as Talonflame, a big concern for Mega Flygon.
  • Bulky Steel types also check Delta Arcanine depending on its coverage and Mega Scizor, another problematic Pokémon.
  • Ditto cannot revenge kill Pokémon behind a substitute, something Mega Flygon’s sound based moves can.

Checks & Counters

  • Faster Pokémon like Mega Manectric or Delta Meloetta are important to check because of Mega Flygon’s passable bulk, same goes for Choice Scarf users like Jirachi. Tornadus-T also has more 1 Base speed and can hit really hard.
  • Armored Tyranitar only fear Earth Power and its massive special bulk allow to take hit somewhat reliably and strike back with Stone Edge.
  • Coverage dependant steel types such as Heatran if using Fire Blast and Specially Defensive Skarmory or Bronzong for Earth Power.
  • Priority users can negate Mega Flygon’s biggest advantage, its speed. As such, Pokémon like Delta Arcanine, Mega Scizor and Talonflame are extremely dangerous for Flygon.


Flygon is a good offense killer in OU. Most popular Pokémon tends to stagnate between 100 to 110 speed tier, so having the jump on most of them is very interesting.

Important message

Let’s face it: my analysis aren’t very useful anymore. I can make few good sets, but aside from that, I don’t really feel like I’m doing a good job. My episodes take longer and longer to make and I’m not as satisfied as I was at the beginning when I was still naive and didn’t realize how little I know.

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Another option over coverage is Dragonify, which can be used to kill Milotic. Drakon Voice on a Dragon type SpDef Milotic is a 2HKO(70% iirc), and it survives an uninvested, non-STAB Moonblst. This also allows it to hit Tran while only using the first two moves. Removing STAB can also be valuable.


Im not buying it

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