Mega Dunsparce

Last one for today. The front sprite is from scratch, the back sprite is a heavily-edited Dunsparce. Considering Dunsparce is my favorite 'mon, I’m not sure what I’ll do next.

EDIT: Adjusted the wings to be less wonky. Also, shiny version.


It looks amazing. Though the masquerade mask is a little random to me. Still. Nicely done. Is it still pure normal?

That’s my bad, I was going for sunglasses rather than a masquerade mask. Anyway, I imagine it’d be Normal/Flying or Normal/Dragon, probably the former. Also, I forgot the all too important shiny Mega Dunsparce.

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Pink is Power.

Real Talk: You have to have a deviantart, pixiv, twitter or something we can look at right? All of your sprites look fantastic and so much better than anything I’ve ever done!

I’ve got a tumblr, but that’s for digital art and not sprite art. The Deltas I did + Mega Dunsparce are the first sprites I’ve done in a few years. I’ll probably make a twitter or something to post sprites on, but this is all I’ve done in the last while.

I’m fine with a tumblr, if your icon is made by you, I’d be glad to see it.

It is. I pmed my tumblr to you.

very well designed. i like it

Mind if I have it as well I really like your art

Lovely mega, but for some reason the wing on the left side seems a bit off on location, could have been slightly shifted to the left side. That, or the line in the middle could curve to the right a bit.

Probably not perfect, but something like this?

EDIT: My bad, I didn’t even correct the problem. Gimme a sec. EDIT 2: There.

Yup, looking better now :+1:

Oh yeah, forgot to note you that it’s better to update the op (original post) with your progress.

Finally some p-p-power (terry cruise) to some uber pokemon. This is fantastic yo!

Hi nico, this sprite looks amazing. Would you mind if I use it on my fangame please?