Mega Dragonite (With Mega Stone)

Well no one did it so I thought I would, here is Mega Dragonite!

Type: Dragon/Fairy OR Dragon/Flying (I can’t decide so help me out in the comments)

Mega Stone: Dragite

Wings and some other stuff are from scratch

Leave feed back and suggestions please :smiley: Have a nice day/night :grin:


Unacceptable. It has to be Dragoniteite. That’s the reason most people want mega dragonite anyway

Sprite looks fabulous though

@cow538 Lol thanks, the mega stone name will start World War III tho xD

Or, better yet, Dragonitenite


I would say Dragon/Water makes a little more sense than Dragon/Flying, tbh, but I love it. It seems like a lot of potential Mega Dragonite fan art takes to combining it with Dragonair, and even if it’s used a lot, it’s just great.

@SonicTheSaiyan Thanks :slight_smile:

Amazing concept. I love how you took some ideas from it’s pre evos. when designing it.