Mega Delta Gardevoir Suggestions

I feel Mega Delta Gardevoir is a bit… iffy to use, since the main reason people used normal Delta Gardevoir was for Pixelate and not her base stats, I feel she lost some of her charm. I’m just wondering how it could be changed, and I have a few suggestions. Maybe since it can learn Thunder, Blizzard, and Focus Blast ™, Compound Eyes could work? Or something for simple power like adaptability could also work, the only problem I see with these 2 abilities is that they don’t fit well with Delta Gardevoir, but maybe just the same ability under a different name? IDK, open to suggestions, or it could just stay the same lol.

You mean ‘Normal Mega Gardevoir’ right?

Well, I don’t entirely disagree, but if you’re looking for an ability like Pixilate for M.D. Gardevoir, Refrigerate would be nice. My opinions though.

First off, yes I meant normal mega gardevoir lol

Secondly, I don’t think Mega Delta Gardevoir has any normal moves to abuse Refrigerate with, honestly I seriously like my idea of compoundeyes since she has so many powerful moves with low accuracy, but I don’t see how i would be fitting for her as a pokemon, maybe just make a new ability with the same effect but a different name?

Just wait until there’s a few more move tutors. Refrigerate hyper voice sounds amazing for double battles, and would allow M.D. Gardevoir to threaten dragons like normal Mega Gardevoir (although not switch in). Mix that with her ability to switch into electric moves with lightningrod, and M.D. Gardevoir would be OU in doubles.

I actually forgot about the possibility of move tutors, if they do give her hyper voice + refrigerate I would be fine with that

How about M.D Gallade? Gardevoir at least gets a special boost from a switch in. I’m hoping they switch out his current ability with motor drive, so that he can outspeed most of the meta before mega evolving and many scarf users every turn after. I’m also hoping they give him refrigerate or an electric version, because retaliate (if it is found as a tm next version) would make him the game’s best revenge killer. Too bad he can’t learn quick attack, extremespeed, or fake out.

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