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Mega Delta Gallade (Analysed ep.18)

" I don’t need a quote, I’m badass already "
-Mega Delta Gallade

Hi guys, girls, numbing blades and everything in-between! Snatching the vote from the second starter is Mega Delta Gallade, one of the coolest Mega in the game. I must say, it was the mega I used during most of my hard mode play through until I decided to go Mega Kangaskan (#NerfThis). I remember dropping it after beating the timeless with Ice Shard and Wild Charge. Hah, those were the good times. The time before the game become too easy.

Be warned, since there is no competitive usage stats avaliable, I do not have any reliable ways to accurately predict the metagame. This analysis is theoretical and does not entirely reflect a Pokémon’s viability.

Typing, Stats, Ability & Movepool

Ability: Volt Absorb (Volt Absorb/Ice Body (DW) Before Mega)
Hp: 68
Atk: 165 (125)
Def: 95 (65)
SpA: 65
SpD: 115
Spe: 110 (80)

Delta Ralts’s evolution branch is the embodiment of a glass canon alongside Weavile. High Speed, especially for Delta Gallade, High Damage output and great offensive typing but crippled with a pitfall defensive typing alongside insuffisant bulk.

True, 95 Def and 115 SpD is nice, but coupled with 68 base Hp, it sucks. With 110 speed, Delta Gallade is quite the threat if it manage to Mega Evolve. Hovever, with a base 80 speed pre-mega, it often have difficulty finding an opportunity to mega evolve.

Unfortunately, Delta Gallade’s ability are at most situational. As a glass canon, it would have appreciated more offensive abilities than Volt Absorb and Ice Body. Sheer Force would have been very nice, or even Static as a last ditch effort. Regaining 1/4 Hp when hit by an electric type attack is still OK with weakness to both Stealth Rocks and Molten Rocks and recoil from Wild Charge, but it won’t activate often.

Movepool-wise, he would want something better here. Since it have bad special attack, it does not use Hidden Power to compensate its bad coverage. Said coverage is Leaf Blade, Night Slash, Psycho Cut, Earthquake, Brick Break and Stone Edge.

However, the cons stops there. With the blessing of STAB Bolt-Beam, very few Pokémon can switch into Delta Gallade, this is especially true with the highest attack of all electric types ecplicpsing even the mighty Zekrom and Mega Tyranitar plus amoung the best electric and ice physical attack in Wild Charge, Icicle Crash and Ice Shard. With Swords Dance, nearly everything not named Rotom-H or Magnezore is in danger. Electric type also make it immune to paralysis, so you better deal with its speed using priority or scarf users.

Sets Suggestions


Delta Gallade @ Delta Galladite
Ability: Volt Absorb
EVs: 252 Atk / 4 SpD / 252 Spe
-Wild Charge
-Icicle Crash
-Ice Shard
-Swords Dance /Drain Punch

This is the standard set. Even if it mostly carry Swords Dance for its almost lack of switch-in at +2, Drain Punch can be use to turn Tyranitar into Free HP and able it to bypass Ferrothorn easier. It also hit Bisharp on the switch for the most damages. It also help bypass Magnezone who resist Bolt-Beam.

Other Options

Stone Edge can be used to turn the table on Rotom-H, but due to its low usage, it is useless more often then not. Psycho But doesn’t hit many notable targets as it would loose to most fighting type barring Keldeo, who is already covered by Wild Charge. Sub-Drain Punch can be used to ease prediction, but it will have a hard time with all the residual damage. Protect can be used to Mega Evolve more saftely and scout, but at the cost of recovery, coverage and power.

Good Teammates

  • Starme is a prime partner as it resist Fire and fighting and grass and proive reliable hazard removal with rapid spin. In exchange, Delta Gallade deal with Grass and Water types. The two make a good, fast walbreaking core together if Starmie is used offensively while the support variant offer ice switch-in and status absorption thanks to Natural Cure.
  • Pokémon that struggle against Bulk Ground types enjoys Delta Gallade’s Icicle Crash and Ice Shard. Said Pokémon include Landorus-T, Excadrill and Delta Blaziken.
  • Ghost Types are prime spin blocker for Hyper Offensive Teams Delta Gallade will often end up. Gengar is a very tricky Pokémon to deal with while Delta Darmanitan is an excellent Wallbreaker/Revenge Killer depending on the item. They are also immune to Fighting.
  • Pivot are VERY appreciated for Delta Gallade as it doesn’t have the bulk nor the typing to be switch into many things. Rotom-W, Landorus-T, Tornados-T, Amoonguss and Delta Darmanitan are good ones. The Djin in particular are great as they prove ground immunity. In exchange, Delta Gallade cover electric types for Tornadus-T and Ground, Water and Grass types for Landorus-T.
  • Wallbreakers can pave the way for Delta Gallade for a sweep or a clean in late-game.

Checks and Counters

  • Unresisted Priority like Bullet Punch and Extreme Speed from Mega Scizor and Delta Arcanine are the most prominent, while Delta Bisharp have Mach Punch.
  • Choice Scarf Users, especially those who resists Ice are extremely dangerous. Said Pokémon includes Keldeo, Tyranitar and Delta Darmanitan.
  • Entry Hazards are big problem for Delta Gallade because it is weak to Spikes, T-Spikes, Stealth Rocks and Molten Rocks. With Wild Charge recoil, residual damages starts to add up very quickly.
  • Magnezone can act as a secondary check to it because it resists Bolt-Beam.
  • With Leftovers, Max HP Heatran cannot be 2HKO by unboosted Wild Charge. It cover non-Drain Punch variant with ease.
  • Rotom-Heat Cover any variant barring the gimmicky Stone Edge with ease and OHKO with Overheat.


Delta Gallade struggles in OU, but also bring destructive power to the table and will probably tear appart UU, so it will likely to be UUBL. A sad faith, but is still viable given the proper support. Do NOT underestimate the power of STAB Bolt-Beam.

  • Mega Delta Venusaur
  • Mega Delta Gardevoir
  • Delta Hoopa
  • Clefable
  • Gengar
  • Other

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