Mega Coffagrigus

Type:Ghost/Dark Ability:Soul Mask (Gains a boost to its defense,special defense and special attack)
the Idea is instead of a mummy coming to life its the coffin, the masks are meant to represent the souls of people the mega has fainted. Hp 58,Attack 60, Defense 190, Special Attack 115,
Special Defense 130,Speed 30: Total 583.
I feel like i Spent a lot of time on this one ope you like it (and maybe there be an official insurgence mega coffagrigus)


I love the masks but he are little to human but i really like it!:hearts:

wait the masks or the pokemon

you do realize cofagrigus used to be human right it says it in its prevoulutions(Yamask) dex entry

yes but is a pokemon a corps a little more biggest and for me i do be in the game

whaaaaaat are you saying

I sorry im just having a hard time understanding what your saying

Looks awesome! About the legs thing, how about keeping the legs but making them more ghost-y. That way you could keep the legs but make it seem more ghosty and scary as well.

Oh like add a wisp effect like the one on mega marowak

i really dont like the design. it looks strange maybe a retry will do it better

Yeah that would be cool I think.