Mega Bisharp Redesign

Backstory: I was looking through the sprite sheets, and when I saw Mega Bisharp, I did NOT like Mega Bisharp at all. I mean, I get it, it’s supposed to be a knight from chess, like how Bisharp itself is a bishop and Pawniard is a pawn. But still, it just didn’t look that good to me, especially since Bisharp is one of my favorite Pokemon. So, I took it upon myself to make a new Mega Bisharp. While doing so, I also redid normal Bisharp’s Shiny, because that gold tint always bothered me.

Mega Bisharp Sprites:
Shiny Mega Bisharp Sprites:
Here’s my new Shiny Bisharp:
625s copy

Feel free to change the Shiny Mega’s colors to the original Shiny ones; I just personally felt the silver went better with the blue.

I also redid the Delta Mega, but all I did was give it normal Delta Bisharp legs, although I did change the color of the feet. The top half is still the same. I’ll post it though, if enough people ask me to.


Nice concepts for the redesign! I like the shield and extended blade on the arm. The feet strike me as unfinished though, since they don’t connect to the ankles very smoothly. There also seems to be some sort of round thing on the left knee that kind of sticks out, but otherwise, I think it looks good. Good ideas!

I would love to see the delta redesign! I wasn’t a fan of the original pegasus thing, as interesting an idea as it was.


I see what you mean with the ankles. I never noticed that before. The bump on the left leg is part of the design, and if you look closer, there is one on the right, too.